Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Rain and Crowds in SihanoukVille. Summer 2013.

 It's been rainy and sunny and very busy in SihanoukVille these last few months.  Many hotels have been booked full, and the island bungalows (there's more than 50 now) have all been full for most of the time.

The rainy season here has been less rainy than usual, and tourists are still flocking here.

Many new places have opened up in the last 3 months,  including.....

Our sister coastal city, Kep, Cambodia is getting this years Kep Sea Festival.  Hopefully, the 50,000 visitors that showed up to SihanoukVille's last festival won't all go try to get one of Kep's 1,000+ hotel rooms.

You can check out our 500 videos of SihanoukVille on YouTube or pictures on FaceBook.  You can find over 100 places in the SihanoukVille Advertiser.  Or you can pick one of SihanoukVille's Islands, and start exploring right now!

Hope to see you here in 
Sometimes Sunny SihanoukVille SOON!

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