Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy 2012 from Sunny SihanoukVille, Cambodia!

2012 started out with a BANG.  The first Cambodia Sea Festival was held at Ocheteaul Beach, and an extra 30,000 people came for the celebration.  The government set up tents with mats on the floor, to handle the extra crowd.

Jet Ski races, boxing, horse racing, international food festival, concerts and dancing, and lots of free beer!  The weather was great, the beach was packed.

Dozens of new tourist places opened up in town in time for the festivities, including:
* Adventure Charters Cambodia - Boat tours around Koh Ta Kiev Island
* Banana Beach Bungalows - and Khmer Restaurant on Otres Beach.
* Blame Canada - But don't blame me.  Beach Bar on Otres Beach.
* Blue Orchid Guesthouse - On the river between Otres and Ocheteaul Beaches.
* Cambodia Travel Agency - on Serendipity Beach Road.
* Chill-axn - Chillin' and Relaxin' at this new guesthouse and restaurant on Victory Hill.
*Frogman Diving (again) -inside Hibiscus Guesthouse,  Serendipity Beach Road.
* Lovely Beach Bungalows - on Otres Beach
* Oocha Beach Bar - on Otres Beach
* Papa Pippo Bungalows - and Italian Restaurant on Otres Beach
* Space Cat - Bar on Victory Hill
* Wonderland - Rooms and Restaurant on Otres Beach
* Zen Lounge - Restaurant and Rooms on Otres Beach
* Dam It All Beach Bar - and Tacos on Otres Beach
* Moonlight Rock Guesthouse - You guessed it!  Otres Beach.
and you can see some new island places on the Koh Rong Samloem website

In other news, Otres Beach has grown quite a lot, for the better.  It's a bit more crowded, but still quite quiet (especially in the 1 kilometer garden area).

Lots of these places can be viewed on YouTube on the SihanokVille page.

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See You Soon!