Thursday, July 31, 2014

Summer 2014 in Siha noukVille, Cambodia

Summer is here, and so are the seasonal rains.  Despite the rain, SihanoukVille's seen a huge increase in tourists.  While the town is doing quite well, SihanoukVille's Island are doing much better.  Koh Rong Island and it's little sister Koh Rong Samloem are now just a 40 minute ride from the mainland beach (and will be 20 minutes away quite soon).

Several new tourist places have opened up around town in the last few months, including:

Ahoi German Restaurant - downtown, near the Vietnamese Consulate
Aloha Guesthouse and Beach Bar on South Ocheteaul Beach
An Nam Vietnamese Restaurant - @Queenco Casino & Hotel
Arun Ras Guesthouse - Downtown on CT Street
Backpacker Heaven Guesthouse - with swimming pool on Victory Hill
Bungalows on the Bay - right on Serendipity Beach
Cambodia Adventures - off road buggy tours around town and beyond
Central Hotel - in downtown SihanoukVille
Columbus Bungalows - at the end of "Far O" Otres Beach
Dao of Life - Vegetarian Restauant and meditation retreat
Diamond Ocean Resort - at Serendipity Beach
Five Men Microbrewery - SihanoukVille's first microbrew, on Independence Road
Glass Bottom Boat - at Queenco Palm Beach, "Near O" Otres Beach
Golden River Bungalows - Riverside on "Far O" Otres Beach
Grand Kampuchea Guesthouse - Ocheteaul, next to Grand Kampuchea Restaurant
Happy Bungalows - on Koh Rong Island
High Point Adventures Rope Park - on Koh Rong Island
Kamasutra Indian Restaurant - Serendipity Beach Road.  Slumdog Curry's sister with Meat
Khmerita Butcher and Sandwich Shop - downtown
Kim Meng Fishing Hole - in Otres Village. You Catch, They Cook, You Eat.
King Pharaoh Karaoke - Ocheteaul Beach
La Cassidaine Guesthouse - and restaurant on Serendipity Beach Road
Le Petrus Beach Restaurant - on South Ocheteaul Beach.
Les Frangins - Beach Restaurant on "Far O" Otres Beach
Lovely Boutique - at Ocheteaul Beach
Mad Max Buggy Tours - Big buggys for big tours, Ocheteaul Beach
Marina Oceania - Cambodia's first private marina, near the Port
Mrs. Orangina Resort - on "Near O" Otres Beach
Otres Beach Resort - Guesthouse and beachside BBQ Restaurant.  "Far O" Otres Beach
Pat Pat Guesthouse - and fine dining.  "Near O" Otres Beach
Piazza Italia - Pizzeria on Serendipity Beach Road
Platinum Hotel - on Independence Road
Quad Tour Adventures -  Guided buggy tours around town.
Roxy Entertainment - Nightclub and restaurant on Ocheteaul Beach
Rumi Bungalows - Koh Rong Samloem Island
Sandy Dragon Restaurant - Ocheteaul Beach on BBQ Street
Seagull Guesthouse - near the Port
Secret Paradise Resort -  on Koh Rong Samloem Island
Skate Style - Rollerblading and Skate Boarding.  On Independence Road
Supin's Chinese Restaurant - North-East style Chinese Ribs and flower Teas
Swiss Beach Guesthouse - on Ochteaul Beach
Taste of Greece - Greek Restaurant at Serendipity Beach
Ten Japanese Restaurant - Tempura and Rice Burgers at Pure North Plaza.  Serendipity Beach.
The Gypsies Guesthouse - and fine dining restaurant on Serendipity Beach
The Living Room - Restaurant and lounge in Otres Village
The Mango Lounge - Guethouse in Otres Village
The Spot - Restaurant on South Ocheteaul Beach
The Sushi Bar - Top of Victory Hill at Victory Castle Villa
Visitors from Home - Chinese Restaurant on Serendipity Beach Road
Western City Hotel - near the Port
White Beach Resort - on Koh Rong Island
Wild Side Villas - in Otres Village
Zhong Gou Guesthouse - Chinese Guesthouse in Chinatown. Downtown.

and there're probably a few more we missed.
If you don't see one here, you can start or buy a business in SihanoukVille, and make it happen.

If you're coming to town, check out the SihanoukVille or Cambodian Island websites for more information.

See You Soon!