Thursday, November 21, 2013

SihanoukVille, Cambodia. Winter 2013.

The party begins again in SihanoukVille!  The rainy season, which will now be called the "Sunny, Not Rainy Season" has ended, and the town and islands are booming.

The weather's been great, all year here, and we expect many warm, sunny days for the next several months.

While SihanoukVille is filling up with tourists, the islands, Koh Rong Island, Koh Rong Samloem Island, and Koh Ta Kiev Island are all starting to grow up.

Several new places have started up in the last few months:

Amore Italian Restaurant - It's love at first taste in OcheSquare Plaza
Art 'n Tchai Jewelry Store - Jewelry, with a free shot of Tchai Tea in OcheSquare Plaza
Bada Bing Bar - Bada Boom, at SihanoukVille Square,
Battered Steve's -  Fish.... and..... Chips!  Next to Thida's Inn.
Beach River Resort - On Otres River
Beauty Cafe - Bar and Restaurant.  Ocheteaul Beach.
Bistro Istanbul - Turkish Chef, Turkish Restaurant, at Pim's Plaza
Chi In Vegetarian - Fish, Beef, Pork, Lamb and Chicken, all made from veggies, downtown.
Copanhagen Bar - Danish Restaurant on Ocheteaul Beach
Coral Gardens Dive Resort - On Koh Rong Samloem Island
Dau's Restaurant - German, French and Thai cooking on Victory Hill
Dune Restaurant - Fine French Dining on "Near O" Otres Beach
Eolia Beach Resort - French Dining and Luxury Bungalows on "Near O" Otres Beach
Fun Shop Cambodia - Buggys and Glow Sticks.  It's fun.  Serendipity Beach Road
HomeStay Koh Rong Samloem - Beachside Bungalows
Il Barrocio Bakery - Italian Bakery on Serendipity Beach Road
Island Bikes - Mountain Biking on Koh Rong Samloem Island
Jamrock Italian - Italian food with your favorite Marley Toons
Jigsaw Restaurant - Beachside bar and restaurant on Ocheteaul
Le D'Artartagnan - Dowtown luxury boutique
Le Provincal - Victory Hill Boulodrome, snack bar and guesthouse
Leng Meng Koh Rong Samloem - Beachside Bungalows and restaurant
Love Chinese - China loves you, so love Chinese food on Serendipity Beach Road

McGuinness's Irish Cottage - McMaurice serves fine Irish and Western Food at SihanoukVille Square
Mokka Cafe - Air-conditioned comfort on Ocheteaul Beach
Moonflower Bungalows - Otres Village rooms and bungalows in a rice field
New Hill Hotel Resort - Tennis and Movie Stars at the top of Victory Hill overlooking the port.
Olive & Olive Restaurant - Mediterranean food (and maybe belly dancing).  Serendipity Beach Road
Raysmey Sorya Photo - Camera sales and accessories, downtown.
Red Cross Guesthouse - behind the Red Cross Office of course
Rise Restaurant - and Bakery and rooms on "Near O" Otres Beach
RockStar  - rooms, meals and Rock on "Near O" Otres Beach.
Ropanha Boutique - New boutique hotel with pool off Ocheteaul Beach.
Ryo Ma II Japanese - restaurant #2 of the Ryo Ma Family
Shooters - restaurant and bar on Victory Hill
The New New SihanoukVille Night Market - Newer than the newest Night Market, across from OC Hotel
Sok San Base Camp - on Koh Rong Island.  Beachside bungalows.
Sokhom Romnia Guesthouse - downtown guesthouse
Sor Diny Guesthouse - downtown guesthouse
Swiss Boutique Guesthouse - downtown guesthouse and restaurant
Swiss Garden Guesthouse - Ocheteaul Beach guesthouse & restaurant
Tattoo Chill - or Chill Tattoo.  Western Artist on Serendipity Beach Road
The Black Bar - at SihanoukVille Square.  The New Night Market
The Green House - downtown guesthouse
Tom's Restaurant - Asian, Western and Thai food in OcheSquare Plaza.  Ocheteaul Beach.
Win Hill Guesthouse - New downtown guesthouse
Windmill Hotel - on Victory Beach.  Yes.  It has a windmill out front.
Xiao Hong Guesthouse - Chinese Hotel in Chinatown.  Downtown.

And there's probably a few that we missed.

Koh Rong Island and Koh Rong Samloem Island have started to take off.  We now have half hour speedboat trips several times a day to the island for $20 to $25.

Enough for now.
If you want to know more, just come and visit a few days (or weeks).

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