Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Winter in SihanoukVille, Cambodia. 2010.

It's Wintertime here in SihanoukVille, Cambodia.  And it's starting to get cold!  The temperature has dropped down as low as 25 degrees (that's like 75 degrees for you Americans).  The town's starting to fill up with tourists, as the seasonal rains have stopped.

Several new places in town, including:

Cambodian Villa at Ocheteaul Beach.  A new guesthouse with swimming pool.

White House Hotel.  A new hotel in back of Victory Beach.

Okata Guesthouse on Victory Hill

Discovery Tours.  A goat farm, river tours and horse rides, BBQ, fishing, and beer, outside of town

The Blind Beggar.  A restaurant/bar downtown

Anie's.  An Aussie restaurant downtown.

Sokhom Guesthouse on Serendipity Beach.

Jam / Rich House.  Korean food by day, party all night next to Serendipity Beach's new pier.

Thida's Inn Restaurant.  across from Fortuna serving English foods and pizza

Bambula Grill Cafeteira.  A new restaurant on Ocheteaul Beach with Finnish hosts.

Douceur Du Cambodge.  A French Bakery near the market.

Cambodian Resort.  A resort with swimming pool in back of Ocheteaul Beach

Dr. Fish.  A foot massage on Ocheteaul Beach.  And the 800 doctors are small fish.

Ku Kai Japanese has a new location downtown.

Pagoda Rocks.  A mountainside bungalow resort with swimming pool.

San San.  A Khmer breakfast joint.

Sihanoukville Villa.  A small boutique hotel on Ocheteaul Beach.

White Beach Hotel with swimming pool on Ocheteaul Beach.

Hooha Guesthouse - (forgot them earlier in the year) on the 3rd street in back of Ocheteaul Beach

Galaxy Cinema - Movies and Games

Harmonia Luxury Guesthouse - on Victory Hill, with a fine restaurant

JJ's Country Kitchen & Guesthouse - Home made English foods

Khmer Broneth Resort - A quiet resort with a swimming pool

Koh Thmey Resort - an Island resort off the coast from Ream National Park

Leng Meng Guesthouse - a longtime favorite right on Serendipity Beach

Nasa Guesthouse & Lotus Massage - Just off the Golden Lions Circle

Panorama Beach Bar - a new beach bar on Serendipity Beach with lots of activites

ParaVille Paragliding - Paramotoring, and lessons too.

Polowai White Sands Guesthouse - an isolated guesthouse, on Ocheteaul Beach

PreteMama Yacht Tours - a new luxury yacht for rent by the hour or day

Rainbow Guesthouse - a budget guesthouse on Blue Mountain

Sampo Meas III Khmer Restaurant - A longtime favorite right across from Beach Club Resort

Sovann Phoum Guesthouse - another old favorite, next to Cambodian Resort on Ocheteaul

Stevie C's Sports Bar - at the Golden Lions Plaza, Ocheteaul

and Jonathan has a new book out with sketches of SihanoukVille.

You can also find over 100 videos of SihanoukVille on YouTube on the SnookyVille Channel

Other than that, everything's pretty much the same.  Christmas / New Years next month should be the busiest time of year.  Several new restaurants and hotels are going up around town as always.  A large shopping center, Pearl City, (along with 100's of homes, offices, apartments, and offices) should be open by January 2011.

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