Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pacific Partnership 2010 comes to Sunny SihanoukVille, Cambodia

This week, after the USS Tortuga left the SihanoukVille Port, The American USNS Mercy and Japanese JDS Kunisaki ships arrived to participate in the Pacific Partnership 2010 mission.  Last week, the Tortuga participated in a 9 day shipboard training session with the Cambodian Navy and many training session ashore, as well as a full schedule of community service projects throughout Cambodia.

This week, over 1,000 military and volunteer medical personnel and NGO's brought world class medical care to Cambodia for a week.  They even brought a hospital the size of an oil supertanker with them. (The Mercy was actually was an oil supertanker in it's former life.)
 The USNS Mercy Hospital Ship.  Part of the Pacific Partnership 2010 mission

The teams from the ships, as well the local embassies and international NGO's (Non Governmental Organizations), also worked on community service projects throughout Cambodia.
At The Goodwill School.  SihanoukVille, Cambodia

The SihanoukVille Hospital had more patients in a week, than in a usual year. Usually not a good situation, but in this case, we'll make an exception.  Top quality medical services for free is usually a good thing.  Even Operation Smile returned for a visit.
Some travelled several days to get here, so they're glad to wait a few hours longer
at the SihanoukVille Hospital

Some of the ship's personnel took some time out to visit the Angkor Beer Brewery.  Brewed fresh, 24 hours a day, everyday, they couldn't resist sampling Cambodia's National Beer.  Made only in SihanoukVille, of course!
 International Relations are always better with a cold one in hand.

It's been a busy couple of weeks in SihanoukVille, and we're all loving it!

A Big Thanks to everyone who's helped out in the last couple weeks.
Cambodia's a much healthier and happier country for all your efforts.

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