Friday, February 8, 2013

Winter 2013 in SihanoukVille, Cambodia

It's been a busy year already in Sunny SihanoukVille.  Christmas to International New Years, the town was packed.  Every Island bungalows off the coast has been full or nearly so for 3 months now.

We just finished the mourning period for King Sihanouk, our town's namesake.   And now..... it's Chinese New Year.  And only 2 more months until Khmer New Year, the biggest party of the year.

Several new places opened around town, including

Ataman's Bungalows - on Koh Rong Samloem Island
Coral Beach Bungalows - on Koh Ta Kiev Island
DC Boat Tours - Spear fishing and squidding

Several new bars and restaurants in  SihanoukVille Square (The New Night Market)
Sin City - just like the movie
Poison - it is, if you don't watch out.
Dream Bar - and the other 3 sister bars

Hotel Yanathyna - Ocheteaul Beach, 3 star hotel with big rooms
Legends Bar - on Victory Hill.  British all the way.
Lions Motor - Cars and Motorcycles for rent and sale around the Golden Lions Circle
Mama Clare's Riverside Treehouse - Otres Village on the Mangrove River
Mambo Cafe - across from OcheSquare on Ocheteaul Beach
Mediterraneo Pizza - Karaoke Street, 'cause you can't have too much pizza
Otres Beach Buggy - 4 wheeling it on the beach
Queenco Palm Beach - just as fun as Queenco Casino, but you don't lose money.  "Near O"
Rock Tree Mountain Bike Tours - Cody from T'Maw Art Colony needs some excercise
School Massage - Learn the right way, downtown
So Latino - Spanish Bar downtown
Stone Boutique Hotel - when you need to get away. (outside downtown)
Sunset Bungalows - Koh Rong Island
Tamu - Food now, rooms later.  "Far O" Otres Beach
We One Cafe - Coffee, Art Gallery, and Love at OcheSquare on Ocheteaul Beach
White Sand Beach - on "Far O" Otres Beach


3 Stone Bungalows - on Koh Rong Island
Abyss Absinthe - home made, on Koh Ta Kiev Island
Aka Koh Rong - on Koh Rong Island
Clay Cult Cambodia - Maker of hand made ceramic beads
Food Point - Russian food near Serendipity Beach
Fun Buggy - SihanoukVille's original Beach Buggys
German Butcher Bakery - Downtown,  Bread and Meats
Hacienda - rooms and food in Otres Village
Heartbreak Bar - and it will, on Victory Hill
Hofbrauhaus - German food at the German Bakery and Butcher, downtown
K1 Carjeep - Jeep sales and rentals at The New Night Market
Koh Rong Backpackers - dorm rooms on the beach.  Koh Rong Island
Mango Lounge - Koh Rong Island Restaurant and rooms
Mealea Villa - first class hotel on Victory Hill
Nice Beach Hotel - off Ocheteaul Beach
Odyssey Greek - restaurant at the SihanoukVille Square
Olivier Restaurant - Russian on Victory Hill
Otres Village Saturday Arts Center - that's what and where it is.
Paddy Festy's Irish Bar - on Victory Hill
Palm Beach Bungalows - Koh Rong Island
Riverside Lodge - Otres Village on the Mangrove River
Rising Sun  - Koh Rong Island Guesthouse and Coffee Shop
Same Same but Slightly Different - but mostly the same
Samsara Coconut Oil - made right here in Sunny SihanoukVille
Saracen Bay Resort - Koh Rong Samloem Island
Smile Guesthouse - next to Serendipity Beach
The Pizza Company - straight from Phnom Penh to downtown SihanoukVille
Wild Beach  - on "Far O" Otres Beach

sihanoukville beaches

and probably a few more, but that's enough for a couple months.

Don't forget.... Make reservations soon!

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