Monday, September 5, 2011

SihanoukVille, Cambodia. Summer 2011.

Another Summer in SihanoukVille is coming to an end.

We're waiting for the rain to stop, (but it is good for writing blogs).  Should stop around the beginning of October.  But that hasn't stopped everyone getting ready for the Winter.....   The Best Time of Year in SihanoukVille!

Plenty of action going on here:

Pearl City Shopping Mall is getting ready to open, hopefully in early 2012.

The Bridge to Snake Island is finished, and the creation of Morakot Island begins.


 A few new businesses have opened in town as well:

and if it weren't raining, I'd be on Victory Hill with more updates there.

Now's the time to start planning your vacation to Sunny (in the Winter) SihanoukVille.

and see thousands of videos of SihanoukVille on YouTube

See you soon!

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