Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May 2009 in SihanoukVille, Cambodia

Happy New Year again from SihanoukVille, Cambodia. April was Cambodia's 3 day New Years celebration, which of course in SihanoukVille lasts for 9 days. The town was packed as usual with vacationers from all over Cambodia and all over the world.

Last 2 weeks we had 10 out of 11 days that were holidays or weekends, so the town was full once again as well.

Now, starts the slow season, when the yearly rains start and the town quiets down. Of course the SihanoukVille Port, the main port for Cambodia is still growing, and construction on new homes, businesses and hotels never stops here.

The bus station has moved a couple blocks to the old New Market behind the New New Market. A few new businesses opened in town as well.

Papagayo has a new hotel near the Golden Lions Plaza on Ocheteaul Beach....
Malibu Snack, a Korean restaurant opened up in front of Utopia,
Casa replaces Atomosphere Bar near Serendipity Beach,
Green Mood Italian Restaurant and Guesthouse opened on Victory Hill as did the Step In Bar and Honey Bee Bar..... Wat's Up Bar opened above the Corner Bar on "The Hill".
Also on the Hill, we have our third Indian Restaurant, Chennai Rottys, and Paco's Spanish Restaurant moved from downtown to Victory Hill as well.
Out of the Blue guesthouse opened on Victory Hill as did Hong Kong Restaurant.

Two new businesses, selling businesses opened, Charles Evans Marketing and Kamreal.
HooHa House Guesthouse opened near the new Papagayo, and i'm sure there's a few more.

The Fitness Club moved and expanded (about 10 times bigger), and now features massages and massage training classes, a restaurant, and other new endeavors.

That's about it.

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