Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy New Year Cambodia!

Khmer (Cambodian) New Years is almost here! April 14 - 16th, and (but really April 11th to the 19th), is Cambodian New Year.

The town will once again be full of party goers filling up every room in SihanoukVille.

Some new places have opened in town.... including

* iBall - you step in a giant plastic ball, and roll down a hill???
* Paco's has moved from downtown to Victory Hill
* Ann's Thai Pub & Restaurant opened downtown.
* Escape Gourmet Coffee opened in the Beach Road complex.
* Sunset Cafe, a Japanese restaurant opened near the Golden Lions Circle
* and Cafe Sushi, another Japanese restaurant opened near Poco Loco
* Airport beach bar and restaurant, another project from the Snake House people, opened on Victory Beach.
* Ecstatic Pizza opened (almost right next to Happy Herb Pizza) on Ocheteaul Beach
* Rainy Season opened a Pizza place on Ocheteaul Beach
* Aegean Guesthouse opened at Ocheteaul Beach
* At least 3 new bars opened on Victory Hill, with 2 more readying for opening
* A guesthouse opened on Victory Hill, with great ocean views.
* Sri Ramas Indian is open on Ocheteaul Beach
* Traktir Russian Restaurant opened (next to Sri Ramas)
* Several new bars and restaurants opened on Otres Beach, including WonderLand, with horseback riding
* the Fitness & Boxing Center moved to a new location on CT Street with a restaurant, massage training, acupuncture, spa.
* Several beach bars on Ocheteaul changed names and owners
* Le Gaugan, a live music restaurant opened downtown
* Casa bar opened on Beach Road next to Monkey Republic
* 3 new tattoo shops opened around town

and that's about it.

If you're coming to town during Khmer New Year, don't forget to make hotel or guesthouse reservations!

Sour S'day Chnam Thmei

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