Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What's New in SihanoukVille, Cambodia.

Rainy season 2008 has seen about as many holiday visitors as all of 2006. Several places have shut down for a few months vacation, yet several more new places have opened.

From the August to October The SihanoukVille, Advertiser.

* New World Hotel - the first and only Czech point in cambodia is open

* Mr. Big Fish has Fish & Chips from $1.50

* Rainy Season Bar has started a pizza delivery service

* Chez Corinne has a new French bakery downtown

* Pim's is open again at a newer, bigger (and closer to the beach) location near Ocheteaul Beach

* Sasha Guesthouse opened on Independence Beach

in addition.... Holiday Palace Casino has opened up a new gambling wing and is reopening Holiday Beach Hotel across the street.

* Beach Club is finishing up another 18 or so new rooms

* Otres Beach has added a few more beach bars

* Victory Hill still is adding a few new watering holes

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