Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New from the May to July SihanoukVille Advertiser

and other sources.

* Angelo's Greek & BBQ restaurant
and Angelo's Seafood restaurant are now open on Ocheteaul Beach.

* Le Bistro Gourmand is open on Serendipity Beach Road

* Corner Bar Mark has a second place... Thida's Inn on Serendipity Beach Road

* New World Hotel, the first Czech place is open downtown.

* Hard Rock Sport Bar & Restaurant is now open downtown.

* Le Barometre consultations & Brain Storming is open on Victory Hill.

* Rainy Season now has pizza delivery.

* Beach Club now features The Maharajah's Indian Restaurant.

* Blue Dolphin Internet and computer services opened on Serendipity Beach Road.

* L'arcobaleno guesthouse with Italian management in open on Blue Mountain.

* Savery Guesthouse, Bistro and Beer Garden is open downtown, near the bus station.

* Fisherman's Den has moved to a new, air-conditioned (and ground level) location.

* Claire's Place, owned by Claire and managed by Claire is open in the guesthouse with no name, downtown. (Dick's Place)

* Thai by Thai Massage is open near Luna D'Autunno

* Zoco Clothing has a new shop at the Independence Hotel.

* Jagreal Real Estate company is open downtown.

* Sorya Beach restaurant on Ocheteaul Beach is open, serving Western, Khmer and Indian food.

* S Villa real estate is open downtown.

* Sihanoukville Design is open.

and that's about it. Occasional rains most days now, and the temperature has dropped (about 3 degrees).

Construction on the bridge to Snake Island has begun, and the rebuilding of the Market (which burned down) is near completion.

Everything else is pretty normal (for SihanoukVille).


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