Friday, March 14, 2008

More new news from SihanoukVille

Rainbow foundation opened a new clothing and accesories shop outside Utopia, supporting the children's charity. Also selling Jonathan's hand drawn SihanoukVille T-shirts

Hard Rock (not Cafe) opens tomorrow, behind Shifty's old place. A couple of Finns, so it should be fun.

The Greek is back, and we're waiting on info from the new Angelo's suite of restaurants on Ocheteaul Beach

SihanoukVille Casino is the newest website in town.

Paco's has completed his move, and now has rooms for rent.

The Lounge on Victory Beach is open.

A Swedish Dentist is doing good work on CT street.

Sunday, a new 30 room guesthouse has opened.

.... and that's about it!

(p.s... the name of the guesthouse is SUNDAY.

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