Thursday, July 31, 2014

Summer 2014 in Siha noukVille, Cambodia

Summer is here, and so are the seasonal rains.  Despite the rain, SihanoukVille's seen a huge increase in tourists.  While the town is doing quite well, SihanoukVille's Island are doing much better.  Koh Rong Island and it's little sister Koh Rong Samloem are now just a 40 minute ride from the mainland beach (and will be 20 minutes away quite soon).

Several new tourist places have opened up around town in the last few months, including:

Ahoi German Restaurant - downtown, near the Vietnamese Consulate
Aloha Guesthouse and Beach Bar on South Ocheteaul Beach
An Nam Vietnamese Restaurant - @Queenco Casino & Hotel
Arun Ras Guesthouse - Downtown on CT Street
Backpacker Heaven Guesthouse - with swimming pool on Victory Hill
Bungalows on the Bay - right on Serendipity Beach
Cambodia Adventures - off road buggy tours around town and beyond
Central Hotel - in downtown SihanoukVille
Columbus Bungalows - at the end of "Far O" Otres Beach
Dao of Life - Vegetarian Restauant and meditation retreat
Diamond Ocean Resort - at Serendipity Beach
Five Men Microbrewery - SihanoukVille's first microbrew, on Independence Road
Glass Bottom Boat - at Queenco Palm Beach, "Near O" Otres Beach
Golden River Bungalows - Riverside on "Far O" Otres Beach
Grand Kampuchea Guesthouse - Ocheteaul, next to Grand Kampuchea Restaurant
Happy Bungalows - on Koh Rong Island
High Point Adventures Rope Park - on Koh Rong Island
Kamasutra Indian Restaurant - Serendipity Beach Road.  Slumdog Curry's sister with Meat
Khmerita Butcher and Sandwich Shop - downtown
Kim Meng Fishing Hole - in Otres Village. You Catch, They Cook, You Eat.
King Pharaoh Karaoke - Ocheteaul Beach
La Cassidaine Guesthouse - and restaurant on Serendipity Beach Road
Le Petrus Beach Restaurant - on South Ocheteaul Beach.
Les Frangins - Beach Restaurant on "Far O" Otres Beach
Lovely Boutique - at Ocheteaul Beach
Mad Max Buggy Tours - Big buggys for big tours, Ocheteaul Beach
Marina Oceania - Cambodia's first private marina, near the Port
Mrs. Orangina Resort - on "Near O" Otres Beach
Otres Beach Resort - Guesthouse and beachside BBQ Restaurant.  "Far O" Otres Beach
Pat Pat Guesthouse - and fine dining.  "Near O" Otres Beach
Piazza Italia - Pizzeria on Serendipity Beach Road
Platinum Hotel - on Independence Road
Quad Tour Adventures -  Guided buggy tours around town.
Roxy Entertainment - Nightclub and restaurant on Ocheteaul Beach
Rumi Bungalows - Koh Rong Samloem Island
Sandy Dragon Restaurant - Ocheteaul Beach on BBQ Street
Seagull Guesthouse - near the Port
Secret Paradise Resort -  on Koh Rong Samloem Island
Skate Style - Rollerblading and Skate Boarding.  On Independence Road
Supin's Chinese Restaurant - North-East style Chinese Ribs and flower Teas
Swiss Beach Guesthouse - on Ochteaul Beach
Taste of Greece - Greek Restaurant at Serendipity Beach
Ten Japanese Restaurant - Tempura and Rice Burgers at Pure North Plaza.  Serendipity Beach.
The Gypsies Guesthouse - and fine dining restaurant on Serendipity Beach
The Living Room - Restaurant and lounge in Otres Village
The Mango Lounge - Guethouse in Otres Village
The Spot - Restaurant on South Ocheteaul Beach
The Sushi Bar - Top of Victory Hill at Victory Castle Villa
Visitors from Home - Chinese Restaurant on Serendipity Beach Road
Western City Hotel - near the Port
White Beach Resort - on Koh Rong Island
Wild Side Villas - in Otres Village
Zhong Gou Guesthouse - Chinese Guesthouse in Chinatown. Downtown.

and there're probably a few more we missed.
If you don't see one here, you can start or buy a business in SihanoukVille, and make it happen.

If you're coming to town, check out the SihanoukVille or Cambodian Island websites for more information.

See You Soon!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Winter 2014 in Sunny SihanoukVille, Cambodia!

It's Wintertime in Sunny SihanoukVille.  Our favorite time of year!

Boats are flying, people are bent into pretzel shapes doing yoga, boats are speeding to and from the islands, there's Japanese and Italian restaurants on every street corner, and "63 cent" shops all around downtown.

It's also the time to make reservations, if you're thinking of staying around here.

Chinese New Year is coming up, The Angkor Beer Half Marathon, and then Khmer New Year.

As usual, a few new places opened in town:

2,500 Riel Store - a whole bunch of them downtown.  Everything's just 2,500 Riel (63 cents)
Diamond Ocean Resort - Serendipity Beach 3 star hotel with (soon) swimming pool
Khmerita Butcher - and sandwich shop.  Italian Sausages and meats downtown
Koh Marine - a fully stocked boat supply shop (including boats up to $50,000) downtown.
Lovely Boutique - a small boutique hotel with swimming pool at Ocheteaul Beach
Piazza Italia - Yes, Italian Pizza at Serendipity Beach
Roxy Entertainment - Shisha Lounge, Nightclub, Bar Disco, Restaurant on Ocheteaul Beach
The Sushi Bar - Japanese Dining on Victory Hill if you can find it.
Victory Castle Villa - Luxury bungalows with swimming pool (and Japanese Restaurant) on Victory Hill
Ace An Japanese - Japanese restaurant in the SihanoukVille New New Night Market
Aloha Sushi - Yet another Japanese Restaurant in the Heart of Ocheteaul Beach
Anam Yoga - On Otres Beach Evenings, and Otres Village in the Day.
Bar Petanque - Boule at it's finest on Victory Hill
Beachy Bar - right on Ocheteaul Beach.
Boia Deh - Italian Bakery in Pure North Plaza, Serendipity Beach
Buddy Land Water Park - A giant water slide and those air ball things.  Ocheteaul Beach
Coral Gardens Dive -  Scuba diving on Koh Rong Samloem Island
Cozy Resort - small hotel with swimming pool in back of Fortuna Casino
Derka Derka - Middle Eastern / Israeli food, Utopia Food Court, Serendipity Beach
Driftwood Japanese - Restaurant and Bar, Ocheteaul Beach
FastCat Speedboat - Fast ferry to Koh Rong Island from Serendipity Beach
Flying Boat - Fly in a boat over SihanoukVille's Coast.  Ocheteaul Beach
Friends Forever - Restaurant on "Near O" Otres Beach
Futura Italian - Italian and Khmer food on BBQ Street.  Ocheteaul Beach.
Golden Sea Beach Hotel - Right on Victory Beach
il Padrino - Italian Food on Serendipity Beach Road
In the Jungle - "Near O" Otres Beach Bar and Restaurant
Moon Julie Hotel - with swimming pool on Ocheteaul Beach
Morakot Seaside - Restaurant on Victory Beach.  Khmer Seafood.
Morning Star Guesthouse - On South Ocheteaul Beach
Nolan Guesthouse - Across the street. Downtown.
Otres Marina - River / Ocean Marina and Boat Trips on "Far O" Otres Beach.
Paradise Guesthouse - and restaurant right on South Ocheteaul Beach.
Princess Speed Boat - 40 minute trips to Koh Rong Island from Serendipity Beach.
Santino's Rock Star - Guesthouse on "Near O" Otres Beach
Taste of Paradise - Guesthouse on "Near O" Otres Beach.
Tep Apsara Guesthouse - New rooms downtown.
The Tamarind - long term guesthouse on Ocheteual Beach
Tom Fish - Ocean fishing trips
Vagabond Temple - Yoga in a cow field (nice mansion).  Behind Sokha Resort Hotel
Viseth Ratanak  - Restaurant and bar on "Near O" Otres Beach

A few places we probably missed, and some more "buggy" dune buggy adventure places, travel shops, and massage places around town.

The Islands around SihanoukVille are booming (or not)
You can find more info on these at

You can find much more information on SihanoukVille at:

SnookyVille on YouTube
SnookyVille on Facebook

See You Soon! 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

SihanoukVille, Cambodia. Winter 2013.

The party begins again in SihanoukVille!  The rainy season, which will now be called the "Sunny, Not Rainy Season" has ended, and the town and islands are booming.

The weather's been great, all year here, and we expect many warm, sunny days for the next several months.

While SihanoukVille is filling up with tourists, the islands, Koh Rong Island, Koh Rong Samloem Island, and Koh Ta Kiev Island are all starting to grow up.

Several new places have started up in the last few months:

Amore Italian Restaurant - It's love at first taste in OcheSquare Plaza
Art 'n Tchai Jewelry Store - Jewelry, with a free shot of Tchai Tea in OcheSquare Plaza
Bada Bing Bar - Bada Boom, at SihanoukVille Square,
Battered Steve's -  Fish.... and..... Chips!  Next to Thida's Inn.
Beach River Resort - On Otres River
Beauty Cafe - Bar and Restaurant.  Ocheteaul Beach.
Bistro Istanbul - Turkish Chef, Turkish Restaurant, at Pim's Plaza
Chi In Vegetarian - Fish, Beef, Pork, Lamb and Chicken, all made from veggies, downtown.
Copanhagen Bar - Danish Restaurant on Ocheteaul Beach
Coral Gardens Dive Resort - On Koh Rong Samloem Island
Dau's Restaurant - German, French and Thai cooking on Victory Hill
Dune Restaurant - Fine French Dining on "Near O" Otres Beach
Eolia Beach Resort - French Dining and Luxury Bungalows on "Near O" Otres Beach
Fun Shop Cambodia - Buggys and Glow Sticks.  It's fun.  Serendipity Beach Road
HomeStay Koh Rong Samloem - Beachside Bungalows
Il Barrocio Bakery - Italian Bakery on Serendipity Beach Road
Island Bikes - Mountain Biking on Koh Rong Samloem Island
Jamrock Italian - Italian food with your favorite Marley Toons
Jigsaw Restaurant - Beachside bar and restaurant on Ocheteaul
Le D'Artartagnan - Dowtown luxury boutique
Le Provincal - Victory Hill Boulodrome, snack bar and guesthouse
Leng Meng Koh Rong Samloem - Beachside Bungalows and restaurant
Love Chinese - China loves you, so love Chinese food on Serendipity Beach Road

McGuinness's Irish Cottage - McMaurice serves fine Irish and Western Food at SihanoukVille Square
Mokka Cafe - Air-conditioned comfort on Ocheteaul Beach
Moonflower Bungalows - Otres Village rooms and bungalows in a rice field
New Hill Hotel Resort - Tennis and Movie Stars at the top of Victory Hill overlooking the port.
Olive & Olive Restaurant - Mediterranean food (and maybe belly dancing).  Serendipity Beach Road
Raysmey Sorya Photo - Camera sales and accessories, downtown.
Red Cross Guesthouse - behind the Red Cross Office of course
Rise Restaurant - and Bakery and rooms on "Near O" Otres Beach
RockStar  - rooms, meals and Rock on "Near O" Otres Beach.
Ropanha Boutique - New boutique hotel with pool off Ocheteaul Beach.
Ryo Ma II Japanese - restaurant #2 of the Ryo Ma Family
Shooters - restaurant and bar on Victory Hill
The New New SihanoukVille Night Market - Newer than the newest Night Market, across from OC Hotel
Sok San Base Camp - on Koh Rong Island.  Beachside bungalows.
Sokhom Romnia Guesthouse - downtown guesthouse
Sor Diny Guesthouse - downtown guesthouse
Swiss Boutique Guesthouse - downtown guesthouse and restaurant
Swiss Garden Guesthouse - Ocheteaul Beach guesthouse & restaurant
Tattoo Chill - or Chill Tattoo.  Western Artist on Serendipity Beach Road
The Black Bar - at SihanoukVille Square.  The New Night Market
The Green House - downtown guesthouse
Tom's Restaurant - Asian, Western and Thai food in OcheSquare Plaza.  Ocheteaul Beach.
Win Hill Guesthouse - New downtown guesthouse
Windmill Hotel - on Victory Beach.  Yes.  It has a windmill out front.
Xiao Hong Guesthouse - Chinese Hotel in Chinatown.  Downtown.

And there's probably a few that we missed.

Koh Rong Island and Koh Rong Samloem Island have started to take off.  We now have half hour speedboat trips several times a day to the island for $20 to $25.

Enough for now.
If you want to know more, just come and visit a few days (or weeks).